In Trends in Chemistry, Researcher Guangpeng Wu Published A Review Paper on the Current Status and Future of CO2-based Block Copolymers

Recently, researcher GuangPeng Wu from Department of Polymer, Zhejiang University and the Professor Darensbourg from Texas A&M University has carried on the detailed summary and outlook, during their long-term cooperation on the basis of the current carbon dioxide based design, synthesis and application of Block copolymer. The result was jointly published on the Trends in Chemistry, the Cell Press titled CO2 - -based Block Copolymers, the Present and Future Designs.

In this paper, the reaction mechanism, topological structure, preparation method and application development of carbon dioxide based polycarbonate were introduced and summarized in detail.Focusing on linear CO2 base design and synthesis of block copolymer, the author described three methods of preparation of CO2 base block copolymer (sequential charging method, chain transfer polymerization and dynamic control) basic principle, suitable monomer, advantages and limitations in detail. They systematically summarized the latest progress of CO2 block copolymer in the construction of high value-added and functional polymer materials, used for biomedical nano micelle, nano catalytic reactor, photoresist and micro-nano separation membrane, thermoplastic elastomer, self-healing materials and adhesive application development. Finally, the author put forward their views on the existing problems of CO2-based block copolymers and the prospect of their future development.

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