1. Introduction

Providing rigorous and professional training to students, the major intends to foster students with steady fundamental knowledge and application ability in Chemistry and Polymer Science, and a good grasp of the basic principles of material science and chemical engineering. Students with excellent performance will enjoy the chance to pursue master or PhD degree within this major or into other fields like Chemistry, Material and chemical engineering to reach further development and research training.

2. Educational objectives

Students should be thoroughly familiar with the basic knowledge of chemistry, and preliminarily master the basic principles of material science and chemical engineering. They should also develop solid rudimentary knowledge and experimental skills in polymer science and engineering. Through the specially designed courses and the extracurricular research training, students will have a good knowledge about the development and prospect of polymer science within emerging scientific intersecting fields like phonic, electric, magnetic functional polymer materials, biomedical polymer materials, polymeric membrane for separation as well as fine polymer materials, and furthermore, develop abilities of scientific research , product development, education and technical management.

3. Educational outcomes

 Students will:

1) grasp the basic principles and methods to synthesize and modify polymer materials.
2) grasp the interrelationship between the composition, structure and property of polymer material.
3) grasp the basic theories and skills of polymer processing and mould designing.
4) grasp the status quo and trends of the development of polymer science and industry.
5) have the preliminary ability of product designing, processing and testing of polymer materials.
6) have the preliminary ability of technological analysis and management toward the producing and processing process of polymer materials.

4. Core curriculum

Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Polymer Material, Functional polymer introduction

5. Accreditation

The degree takes 4 years and as soon as a student acquires 160 credits, graduation certification and bachelor degree of engineering will be granted.

6. Enrollment

Each year 90-100 students are enrolled.

7. Scientific research

Above 60% of students who enter year 3 will participate in extracurricular scientific research programs like the Student Research Training Program of Zhejiang University, Students' Scientific Research Innovation Projects of Zhejiang Province, “Challenge Cup” University Students Competitions, National Students' Scientific Research Innovation Projects  etc. These training programs are intended to cultivate students' scientific research ability as well as their capacity of self-study, and to enhance cooperation and communication between professors and students. In recent years, about 40 research papers are published each year that are related to undergraduate students of Polymer Science and Engineering.

8.Academic Canlendar

9.How to apply

Please apply through International Education College.

Undergraduate Programs Admission (2021)

Admission Bulletin for English-taught Undergraduate Engineering Programs (2021)

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