The Institute of Polymer Science (IPS) was founded in 1990. It was formed on the section of polymer chemistry of the Department of Chemistry, first founded in 1958. In 1984 it became one of the first few institutes to confer Ph.D. degree in Polymer Chemistry and Physics in China.

There are now 29 faculty members working in the Institute, including 11 professors and 9 associate professors. Among them 22 own the Ph.D. degree, and most of them have experience of studying or working in foreign universities or research institutes. Led by Professor Zhiquan Shen, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, this team full of creativity and vitality are working in education and scientific research of polymer chemistry, polymer physics and polymer material science. The main research themes cover coordination polymerization with rare-earth or transition metal catalysts and synthesis of polymers with precisely controlled chain structures; preparation, characterization and modification of polymer membranes for separation and biomedical applications; specialty polymer materials for drug delivery system and biomedical applications; structure-properties relationships of polymers and physical chemistry of polymer. 

In the last 20 years, the Institute has undertaken numerous research projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, Ministry of Education of China, and Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, including more than 10 major or key research projects and one National Distinguished Youth Foundation project. It has also cooperated in R&D projects with many industrial enterprises in China and foreign companies. Numerous prizes have been awarded to research groups in IPS for science and technology achievements, including 5 national prizes.

The Institute has made significant impacts on the field of polymer science and technology both in China and in the world. In the recent years, over 100 papers are published each year on national and international scientific journals. Many new polymer products and technologies developed in IPS have been industrialized in the last 20 years, including polymer membranes for water purification, high-performance pour-point depressant for crude oil, and hot-melt adhesive for garment industry, which made great contributions to the industry and the whole society. 

The Institute is also a center of high-level education in polymer science. An average of 25 Ph.D. and 20 M.S. degrees each year are conferred to students of the Institute. In the coming years, the Institute will endeavor to contribute more to polymer science, polymer education and polymer industry in China and in the world.

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